How To Install Caster Wheels On Office Chair- Best Practice

Are you using a professional office chair and facing an issue with the caster wheels of your office chair? Have you decided to replace the old casters? This article is for you. In this article, I will show you how to install caster wheels on office chairs.

we offer three types of mounted applications for our casters. Friction rinse stems, threaded stems, and swivel place. First, let us look at the friction ring stem type.

Now, this type of caster is found primarily on all the chairs. These casters are very easy to change out and no tools are required.

Removing Old Casters And Installing Caster Wheels on Office Chairs

So first we’re going to turn our office chair onto its side. Now simply pull out your old caster. To install your new pool caster you simply line up the stem and press in.

how to install caster wheels on office chair

Now you just repeat that for all the other casters and you’re done. It’s that easy. And now you’ve got a customized office chair complete with cool casters.

Now let’s look at the swivel plate type caster. These casters are used primarily for a large flat surface area. So first

your furniture idle bug sat down, you’ll want to locate where your casters are going to go. Then holding the swivel

plates you need to mark the holes. Now we want to drill pilot holes. You know make sure that your drill bit is about half the diameter of your screws.

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All right, let’s clean up our sawdust. Once the holes are drilled, position the caster over holes. And in screwing the

screws that were provided. Repeat the process three more times and that’s it. You’ve got a personalized storage space.

Now thanks to cool casters, I’ve transformed my ordinary furniture piece and the stuffing extraordinary.

The last type is the threaded step type. This is used on metal or wooden furniture legs. how to install caster wheelsFirst, you’ll want to turn your furniture upside down. And you’re going to mark and the center of each the legs. Now we’re going to want to drill a hole.



How much weight can caster wheels hold!

I have sleeve nuts that are 3/8 inch in diameter. So I’m going to want to make sure that my drill bit is that size. Go

ahead and drill your hole. Make sure you go down at least one inch in depth.

Now we’re just going to tap in or sleep nuts. Knock off any excess all dust. And lastly, we just screw it our caster. Just

repeat that on the remaining three legs and you’re done. How easy is that!

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