9 Best Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels In 2022

Are you looking for the best rollerblade office chair wheels? If so then this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss the rollerblade wheels for office chairs. Keep reading! Office chairs use caster wheels to help people move around. Without them, you would be stuck in one spot!

They provide the mobility and stability that we need to get around our workspace. There are many different types of casters & casters for carpets. And they come with various benefits depending on what type of work environment you’re in. Wheels, or casters, are an important component of the furniture piece.

Casters come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials. To suit specific needs such as commercial use or home office applications.

There are a lot of rollerblade office chair wheels available on the market. But all they are not good quality or perfect for your office chair.

Finding out the perfect office chair rollerblade wheels is not an easy task. We are researching office chairs and office chair wheels for a few years. And we have found that all the casters are made for different surfaces. Some casters for chairs are very suitable for hardwood floors.

But they are not perfect for carpeted floors. But, which casters are suitable for carpets are not perfect for hardwood floors. This website is all about office chairs.

And solutions for any problems with office chairs. In this article, we will discuss which office chair wheels are perfect for carpeted floors & which are perfect for hard floors.

If you have carpeted floor or hard floor and you are looking for rollerblade office chair wheels then please read this article. We will also tell you the buying guide for the rollerblade office chair wheels.

Also, We will review the top 9 rollerblade wheels for the office chairs for this year. Before purchasing an office chair wheel you need to know something about the wheels. Like the types of rollerblade wheels:

Types of Rollerblade office chair wheels or casters

There are two different types of rollerblade office chair wheels available on the market. These are:

  • Hard casters
  • Soft casters for chairs

Hard Casters for Your Carpet: If you have a carpet in your home, then you may want to consider hard casters for your furniture.

office chair carpet wheels

The plastic shells on the wheels allow them to roll more easily over thicker carpets and rugs. Hard casters are nylon twin-wheel casters that can be found at any hardware store.

They typically come with a hard plastic shell covering the two metal wheels and axles. Which makes it easier to move heavy furniture across thick carpets. Or rugs without damaging them. 

The shell has small spikes inside that grip onto the fabric and helps prevent slipping.

Soft Casters Save Your Floors: Soft casters are a great way to save your floors from scratches and scuffs. They can be made of rubber or polyurethane. But the important thing is that they’re soft so they don’t damage hardwood flooring or tile.

office chair wheels for carpet

If you have a wheelchair with a chair that doesn’t have wheels on it. Then this is probably what you want to buy for your chair.

These wheels are typically designed to roll best on hardwood flooring or tile because it is not so abrasive. Hard casters will get scratched up.

If used on the carpet it will eventually result in them getting stuck in one spot. When rolling around heavy furniture. If you have a hard floor then you need soft casters.

On the other hand, if you have carpet in your room then you need the hard casters by no means.  As this article is written for carpeted floors. Then we will discuss the hard caster wheels for carpeted floors.

In hurry? Check out our top 3 heavy-duty caster wheels for carpet:

Image Product Feature Price

CasterHQ 6″ X 2″ Swivel Casters Heavy Duty Polyurethane Wheel


1250 lbs each Per Caster – 5000 lbs per set of 4. Swivel Casters with Top Locking Brakes. Heavy Duty Red Polyurethane on Silver Steel Hub View On Amazon

ICONCASTERWHEELS 6″ x 2″ Replacement Heavy Duty Chair Wheels


3600 lbs load capacity. Leading the industry by offering a 3-Year limited warranty. 360 ROTATION, ROLLER BEARINGS View On Amazon

Nisorpa 4 Pack Heavy Duty Plate Casters Set 6 inch Swivel Rubber Wheel


Made of heavy duty rubber and iron bracket, durable and long-lasting in everyday usage. 2PCS caster wheels with brake,2PCS Without Brake. View On Amazon

List of 9 best Rollerblade wheels for office chair

These casters are perfect for your surface. If you don’t want to read our full article then you can check this item.

And if you have enough time and you want to read out everything about office chair carpet wheels then please read on! A lot of carpet wheels are available on the market.

But all of them are not suitable for all. We have selected the 9 best office chair wheels for carpet. You can easily use them on your carpet.

  1. CasterHQ 6″ X 2″ Swivel Casters Heavy Duty Polyurethane Wheel
  2. ICONCASTERWHEELS 6″ x 2″ Replacement Heavy Duty Industrial Casters
  3. Nisorpa 4 Pack Heavy Duty Plate Casters Set 6-inch Swivel Rubber Wheel
  4. Slipstick CB690 Protecting Rubber Office Chair Wheels
  5. Office Owl office chair wheels for carpet and hardwood floors
  6. Amazon Commercial 3-Inch Transparent Swivel Caster
  7. 8T8 Replacement Chair Caster Wheels
  8. Office chair wheels replacement rubber chair casters
  9. Miracle Caster! Extra Large office chair big wheels for carpet

These are the 9 best office chair caster wheels that are suitable for carpets.

Nisorpa 4 Pack Heavy Duty Rollerblade wheels for office chair


If you’re looking for a quality set of plate casters that will get the job done, look no further than Nisorpa. Our heavy-duty rubber and iron bracket construction means these casters will last through even the most rigorous of applications.

And if there’s ever an issue with them, don’t worry – we offer a full refund or a new replacement. So don’t hesitate, to order your Nisorpa plate casters today! These are the best gaming chair replacement wheels.

Nisorpa 4 Pack Heavy Duty Plate Casters are perfect for moving furniture, appliances, and other large objects.

These casters have a high performance in keeping stabilization, with 360-degree top plate and non-marking gray rubber. They are also flexible in movement and stable in lifting, making them easy to use.


  • Durable & Stable
  • 360 Degree Swivel Caster wheels design
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


  • Price is high
  • Have some negative reviews also. But Most are positive

Customer Reviews:

Greg Crider told that: “Great wheels at an unbeatable price”

Merlot told that: “Very good with some limitations”

Roland B. told that: “Well Made product”

CasterHQ 6″ Inch Swivel Casters- Replacement office chair rollerblade wheels


Looking for a set of heavy-duty casters that can handle up to 1250 lbs each? Look no further than CasterHQ’s 6″ X 2″ Swivel Casters!

These red polyurethane-wheeled casters come with a steel hub and top lock brake, making them perfect for tool boxes, industrial carts, and other heavy-duty applications.

Our 6″ X 2″ Swivel Casters are made with a 3/4″ Roller Bearing and 1/2″ ID Bushing, making them durable and long-lasting. It is the best Furniture caster for carpets.

Plus, they come with a Zerk fitting in the wheel and axle for easy lubrication and maintenance. Load Capacity: 1250 lbs each Per Caster – 5000 lbs per set of 4. So, what are you waiting for? Order your CasterHQ Swivel Casters today! It is the best carpet wheel for furniture.


  • Load capacity 5000 lbs
  • Polyurethane Wheel on Steel Hub with Top Lock Brake
  • 3/4″ Roller Bearing


  • Price is high
  • There are some negative reviews also, But most are positive.

Customer reviews:

Stephanie told that: “Only two wheels swivel”

Mr. Sparkie told that: “Not Quite What I Expected”

GPL told that: “Direct Replacement for MAC6200 Toolbox”

El Bucko told that: “Exactly as advertised great casters”

ICONCASTERWHEELS 6″ Inch Heavy Duty rollerblade office chair wheels


If you’re looking for a replacement caster that can handle the big, tough jobs, look no further than ICONCASTERWHEELS. Our 6″ x 2″ replacement industrial casters are built to last and can handle up to 900 lbs. each.

Whether you’re moving a heavy piece of machinery or just want to make your life a little easier, our casters are sure to do the trick.

ICONCASTERWHEELS is a caster manufacturing company that takes pride in the satisfaction and safety of its customers.

We design and create casters that meet the highest standards, and our products are ISO certified, TUV tested, and NSF registered. Our products come with a 3-Year limited warranty, which sets us apart from the competition. If you are looking for the best casters for carpet then it is the best choice.


  • Load capacity 3600 lbs
  • 360 ROTATION


  • Price is high
  • No Lock available

Customers reviews:

Angela Murphy told that: “Gigantic heavy-duty wheels”

Teresa T. told that: “HEAVY duty wheels”

Robochick told that: “900-pound load per wheel, no break or swivel lock”

Office Owl office chair rollerblade wheels


The struggle is real when it comes to moving around your office. Whether you’re just going from one room to the next or have a bigger task in mind. Whether you need a new desk chair or want to change out the casters on an old one, we have everything you need at Office Owl!

Our selection of caster wheels is designed for both durability and style. With our easy-to-install wheels that only take seconds. Anyone can do it themselves without any tools needed! With these office chair casters, you can effortlessly change them in one single motion. Best chair rollers for carpet.

Without any tools needed! These caster wheels can be installed in seconds and are designed for most types of chairs.

You don’t need any tools, you just pop off your old casters and pop on these ones. Office Owl Caster Wheels offer many advantages over other options.

They’re easy to install, work on all surfaces, and add a touch of style to any room they’re in. Let’s see the pros & cons of Office Owl office chair wheels for carpet:


  • Universal Fit
  • Easy Installation
  • 5 Star Rating


  • Not Recommended For Tall Or Thick Carpeting

Top reviews from some users:

T. SANGEL Jr. told that: “DID…love these casters until NOV 2017”

FoxSasha told that: “Silent, Sturdy, And Effective”

Deep Roller told that: “Fab, easy-fit wheels”

Butler told that: “A must for all hairdressing salons!”

Slipstick 3 rollerblade office chair wheels


With the trend of rolling chairs, most people will be using them on their hardwood or laminate floors. Some office chair manufacturers make casters that are made for both wood and carpeted surfaces.

The Slipstick CB690 Protecting Rubber Office Chair Wheels is designed specifically to work on all types of flooring. Including vinyl, tile, slate, and carpet without leaving any damage behind. There is no need for a chair mat when you have these casters. Best rubber chair wheels for carpet.

The black 3-inch wheel is available in both clear and solid colors that can easily be seen on any surface type. 

This new design has full swivel action for easy maneuverability. With zero noise when rolling over different surfaces. Let’s see the pros & cons of Slipstick CB690 Protecting Rubber office chair casters for carpet:


  • Safe on all floors
  • Smooth & quiet rolling
  • Upgrade look & performance
  • Chair casters replacement


  • No lifelong guarantee

Top reviews from some users:

Marcos told that: “Works too well”

L. Atha told that: “easy to install – works well on a hardwood floor plus wool oriental carpet with a fringe”

JavChz told that: “Indispensable si tienes mascotas”

James R told that: “good castors”

AmazonCommercial 3-Inch Transparent Swivel rollerblade office chair wheels


A caster is a wheel attached to the bottom of furniture. Its purpose is to make it easier for the furniture to move and rotate. They are also used on shopping carts, pushcarts, and hand trucks.

Casters can be made from various materials. Such as metal or plastic, but these heavy-duty low-profile swivel casters with nylon rubber wheels are ideal. For home computer chairs, gaming chairs, or executive office chairs. Because they won’t scratch or leave marks on your floor. Easy for Adding wheels to furniture.

The 3-inch transparent swivel caster wheels in this set are durable. And will glide smoothly over carpet and hard floors. The wheels come with nylon rubber and soft polyurethane casters. That won’t scratch or leave marks on your flooring. Let’s see the pros & cons of the Amazon Commercial 3-Inch Transparent Swivel Caster:


  • Safe performance on carpet
  • Quiet gliding and swivel rotation
  • Durable construction
  • chair casters replacement


  • Not an exact fit for Herman Miller chairs

Top reviews from some users:

Machiavelli told that: “NOT FOR SHORT PEOPLE!”

Bonny O’ told that: “Perfect wheels to use on hardwood floors”

DaLynn told that: “Extremely smooth and rolls effortlessly”

Steven told that: “No scratches!”

8T8 Replacement rollerblade wheels for office chair on carpet


Do you find it difficult to move your office chair around the room? The 8T8 Replacement Chair Caster Wheels can help.

Their Premium replacement caster wheel stem diameter is 7/16″(11mm), and the stem length is 7/8″(22mm).

And the heavy-duty design supports up to 500 lbs as a set of 5. Which makes it easy for anyone with a physical disability. Or even just seniors who have limited mobility. Best office chair wheel replacement. Adding wheels to furniture is very easy.

Wheel materials are made of high-quality polyurethanes. These features help the wheels roll easily and cause no squeaky sounds or noise of any kind. Let’s see the pros & cons of 8T8 Replacement Chair Caster Wheels:





Top reviews from some users:

basementjack told that: “FINALLY! WHEELS THAT FIT! (8T8 2 Inch)”

Chuck Hall told that: “One of my best chair caster purchases.”

Brittany A told that: “Save time let the robot do it”

Alfredia H. told that: “Roomba e5 is Great for Pet Hair”

Best replacement office chair rollerblade wheels


We all know how it feels to be stuck in a chair that’s not rolling on the floor. It can be frustrating, irritating, and sometimes even painful. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem: replacement rubber chair casters!

These are wheels that you attach to your old caster wheel. Making them move effortlessly across the floor again. Our chair wheels replacement is made of heavy-duty industrial-grade steel. Best casters for carpet.

Precision ball bearings, and durable polyurethane. They’re not compatible with IKEA chairs and they won’t work either with some off-brand chairs. These casters may be perfect for your carpet. Let’s see the pros & cons of Office chair wheels replacement rubber chair casters:




  • Not compatible with IKEA chairs

Top reviews from some users:

John Crutcher told that: “I’m extremely fat and disgusted with myself however I am extremely happy with my purchase.”

Abbi D Knight told that: “These wheels make me sing!”


Adam F told: “Great customer service”

Miracle Caster! Extra Large Office Chair Wheels for Carpets & Chair Mat


What if you could have a chair that rolls effortlessly over the carpet? Without leaving indentations? The Miracle Caster is the answer. These large office chair casters are heavy-duty and designed to work on carpet.

They will not fail when used as directed and they come with a lifetime guarantee! Also, these casters can be sized to fit many different types of chairs. Best chair casters home depot. Large office chair wheels are suitable for carpets. Adding wheels to furniture is very easy.

Whether you need them for yourself or someone else, this is the perfect solution for your needs! Let’s see the pros & cons of Miracle Caster! Extra Large office chair wheels:


  • Heavy-duty casters
  • Guaranteed not to fail when used on carpet


  • Not perfect for all chairs

Top reviews from some users:

Totally ImAussieBull told that: “Super Duper chair casters home depot!”

zonkerboy told that: “6′-4″ and loving what these wheels do for my Herman Miller chair”

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Caster

An office chair caster wheel is an important part of the office chair that helps in moving it. The caster wheels for stools are either made up of metal or hard plastic chair wheels. And help in supporting the weight of the person sitting on them.

Office chairs come with four to six casters, two at each end for easy movement from one place to another. You need to know the 5 tips before purchasing a caster wheel:

Types of Material: What is the best caster wheel material?

The material that a caster wheel is made of can vary widely. Different types of caster wheels are made of different materials. two types of wheels hard and soft are made of different materials. If you are purchasing a caster then make sure that it is made with the best materials.

Types of Mounts: Plate, Weld, and Stem

Mounts are an important part of a caster wheel system. There are three main types of mounts—plate, weld, and stem. But the type you choose depends on the material that is being mounted and your desired look.

Also Read: How to remove office chair wheels?

A plate mount has two or more pieces that sandwich the material between them. one end of each piece bolts to the plate (and not to each other). Plate mounts can be welded or screwed together for added stability. And they’re usually seen with rounded edges.

Weld mounts use welding as a way to attach one part to another. This is typically used on trucks with big frames. Since they have extra space between their bumper and frame.

Load Capacity- Another important thing

Load capacity is a measure of how much weight the wheel can carry. The higher the load capacity, the more weight it can support. Load capacity is measured in pounds and kilograms. So if you’re using metric measurements, remember to convert before calculating your answer.

Wheels for chairs have a relatively low total load. That will almost certainly be less than 500 pounds. Luckily this factor isn’t as important when considering which wheels for stools to buy. The wheel diameter also affects how much weight they can hold.

Wheel Diameter: How to Choose One for Your Office chair

The wheel diameter is a measurement of the wheel from one side to the other. The larger the wheel, the more easily it will roll. Wheel diameters can range from 3 inches to 10 inches.

The size of your wheelchair’s wheels depends on what you want them for and how much you weigh. If you are looking for smooth rolling with low effort, go with a large diameter wheel. If you need stability or higher ground clearance, smaller wheels might be better.

Additional Options for Caster Wheels

The caster wheels on your chair can be a determining factor in the comfort and functionality of your office space. Many people don’t know that there are different options for caster wheels.

This is why we’ve compiled this list to show you some of the most popular choices out there. Swivel style: these allow you to move easily from side to side. Without having to turn the entire chair around first.

Conclusion for rollerblade office chair wheels

Caster wheels are crucial for the smooth operation of your office chair. Choosing the right caster wheel for your chair can be a challenge. Especially if you don’t know what features to look out for. The best replacement caster wheels will make sure that the chair is stable. And easy to move around in any direction with minimal effort on your part.

In this article, we have reviewed the 9 best rollerblade office chair wheels. Also, we have discussed the buying guide.

Can you use a chair with wheels on carpets?

Most office chairs have a basic type of wheel. This is a metal ball with a small groove in it, called the bearing, which allows it to roll easily. When you move an office chair on carpet, these wheels will eventually cause damage to the flooring.By wearing down the fibers and creating small scratches that catch dirt and dust from shoes. Many people are wondering if it is possible to use a chair with wheels on the carpet. But, office chairs with roller-blade style caster wheels will not ruin the carpet.

Do soft castors work on carpet?

Casters come in two different types: hard and soft. Hard casters are best for surfaces. Such as carpeted floors, while soft casters should be used on hard flooring. Hard castors can easily get stuck in the carpet fibers. Making it difficult to move furniture around the room. Soft castors glide across carpet fibers. Without getting caught up like their harder counterparts do.

What are rollerblade casters?

Do you have a squeaky chair in your office? You may be dealing with a rollerblade caster. Rollerblade casters are designed to glide smoothly. Across any floor surface without making any noise. Rollerblade casters, also known as chair wheels. Are used to help furniture move freely and easily from one place to another. They can be installed on most chairs or desks without the need for tools or screws.
Rollerblade casters are a universal fit and easy to install. The casters are designed to enable you to glide freely. Through your office without any squeaky noise of any kind.

Are rollerblade wheels good for office chairs?

Are you in need of a solution to your hardwood floor’s unsightly and dangerous office chair mat? This rollerblade wheelset is perfect for anyone who needs an affordable replacement. For their current wheels. The set includes 5 wheels, which means that one pair will be enough for each caster on the chair. They roll smoothly and quietly, so no more loud noises interrupt important phone calls or meetings. They are also great if you have children at home because they can’t pinch fingers like traditional.

What are hard castors?

The function of castors is to make it easier for people to move around. There are two types: hard and soft. Hard castors are made with a metal ball. That is easy to glide over carpeted surfaces. While soft castors have plastic balls that may be more difficult on some carpets. It’s important to know which type you need before buying one. Because if you choose the wrong one, it could affect your ability to move from place to place in your home.

Can you use hard floor casters on the carpet?

Casters can be a difficult decision when it comes to carpeted floors. Carpet and caster tracks don’t mix well, and they will leave deep indentations in the pile of your flooring. If you want to avoid these permanent marks on your carpet. Then metal or hard nylon casters are the best options for you. Metal casters work better than any other type of caster. Because they cut through even the thickest pile with ease.

What are soft TYRE castors?

Soft TYRE castors are perfect for replacing damaged castors. Or changing the style of your chair. These castors have nylon construction and work with most office chairs. What are Soft TYRE Castors? The soft wheeling on these caster wheels prevents sudden movements that can cause injury. They’re designed to work with most office chairs. So they’re great for replacing old or damaged casters or switching up the look of your chair!


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