How To Recline Office Chair- Tips To Adjust Reclining Chair

There are a lot of times that I’m sitting at my desk. Working, but sometimes I just want to relax and chill. That’s why I bought a reclining office chair. But a common question is “how to recline office chair?” or “how to adjust reclining office chair?”

Sometimes you just want to lean back and think and be inspired but you can’t do that in most officers. They just don’t lean back and mine doesn’t move at all so I picked up a reclining office chair with a footrest. Because not only does it lean back but it looks like it has a foot rest too. So I can actually hang out in it and watch a little tv or something else.

Today I’m going to show you how to operate a basic swivel tilt office chair mechanism.

How To Recline Office Chair- Swivel Tilt

Now, this is the most common office chair mechanism on the market. You’ll find these on both executive chairs. Like this one or task chairs as well.

How To Recline Office Chair

A basic swivel tilt office chair mechanism will have a couple of different adjustments. It’ll allow you to go up and down. It will allow you to lock the chair in an upright position. So you cannot tilt back. And of course, it will allow you to tilt.

It will typically also allow you to adjust that tilt. And how much tension it takes to initiate the leaning backward. let’s get to it.

Now it’s pretty easy to know. If you have a basic swivel till office chair mechanism, what you’re going to look for is a large

adjustment knob underneath the front of the chair. Usually recessed quite a bit and you’ll usually have a single adjustment lever it’s usually on the right-hand side of the chair.

To adjust the height of your chair, remove your weight from the seat and pull up on the seat height adjustment lever to initiate the cylinder.

This movement is somewhat of a pull-up but it’s also a twisting upwards. So if it’s not going for you, make sure you’re kind of twisting that lever into its position.

To adjust downwards, leave your weight in the chair and pull the lever that’s it.

Stand up pull and pull to go down. To adjust your tilt lock these chairs will typically lock in the upright position.


seat height adjustment lever will typically have a dual function in that it will go in and out. As well as twisting to adjust the height

or pulling upwards to adjust the height. If you notice here I can slide this lever in and out.

how to adjust reclining office chair

If I pull outwards to the right of the chair, I am now released. My mechanism will allow tilting. If I press the lever inwards I’m going

to lock the chair in the upright position. And it will not tilt.

There will always be a little bit of movement in the chair on these types of mechanisms that’s just how they work. But it does keep you from going all the way back.

Now there are other adjustments on these chairs. That’s very important and that’s the tilt tension adjustment.

How To Adjust Reclining Office Chair- Tilt Tension Adjustment

When you get a chair you might be frustrated because you go to lean backwards and it does not lean. You’ll check the tilt lock. And make sure it’s released. It is but then when I push back this is not going anywhere. And that’s because the tilt tension adjustment is as tight as it will go.

Typically our chairs will ship with the tilt tension at its maximum setting. So that when someone who’s unsuspecting sits in the chair they don’t go flying backward.

How To Recline Office Chair

To adjust the tilt tension there’s a knob underneath the front of the chair. If you flip the chair backward there’s usually a plus or minus that will show you which way to turn it.

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But I know currently this chair is in the maximum position. So I’m going to go ahead and start turning it. And these will turn a lot. So go ahead and when you make an adjustment turn it many times. I’m just going to show you it is going to be a lot of turns.

All right I’m there this is the loosest it’s going to go.

Tips To Adjust Reclining Chair

Now when I lean back it just takes no effort at all to lean back. That tilt tension adjustment is one of the most important adjustments. To make sure your chair is operating properly and that’s going to finish up our how-to on how to operate a swivel tilt office chair mechanism I hope this article helped you.

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