How To Find The Best Big and Tall Office Chair In 2022

Are you looking for the perfect chair for a big tall or big and tall user? Maybe you’re sick of companies recommending chairs that don’t necessarily fit your body properly. In this article, we’re gonna cover the top six things you must consider when searching for the perfect Big & Tall office chair.

I might not be considered to be big or tall. I have had the opportunity to sell big and tall seating to users across the country for almost 15 years.

That experience has given me an opportunity to talk to many of these users. And find out what their biggest pain points are when shopping for big and tall seating. And it might actually be a surprise to find out that many chairs that are advertised as big and tall don’t actually fit big or tall users properly.

There are things you must consider and the first thing you must consider when shopping for that perfect big and tall office chair is that the seat width and seat depth will fit you properly. When selecting that perfect new Big & Tall office chair it’s extremely important that you pay attention to the seat size.

How To Choose The Best Big and Tall Office Chair | 6 Things To Consider

Now we’ve had customers who have bought a big and tall chair from us calm received it only to find out that it didn’t fit their body properly. And this is something that I think can be easily avoided so what you want to do is really take a closer look at the specifications of the chair.

That you’re interested in. And then verify that either the chair you currently have fits you properly or what additional space or maybe even less space you would require for your next chair to sit in it. Comfortably another feature found on mini chairs is a seat sliding depth adjustment.

And this is going to help users that either have shorter or longer legs. So when looking at the dimensions or the specifications this is also something that you’ll want to consider. It’s also important to consider the design of the seat pad specifically looking at things like side bolsters. These are commonly found on gaming chairs.

They’ll actually restrict your legs which makes the chair feel a bit narrower. Additionally, armrests can also come into play and make the chair feel a bit narrower than it really is. The seat height of your next office chair is also something that’s very important.

You’ll be able to get your feet flat on the floor and then look at the upper and lower portion of your leg. It is ensuring that these are at a 90-degree angle. so it’s not something that just needs to be considered for taller users.

But if we were looking specifically at what a standard chair will often offer for a seat height adjustment somewhere between 16 and 20 inches to the top of the seat. This will be good for users that are about max height. How To Choose The Best Big and Tall Office Chair So if you are a taller individual you’ll want to look at a minimum of something that goes from 20 inches and above.

To sit comfortably in your chair the back height on your next big and tall office chair is something that you absolutely have to consider. And this is especially true for tall users.

Now on average, we found most office chairs to have a back height of somewhere between 19 and 22 inches. So if you’re someone that’s under maybe 6 – that’s unlikely to really pose a problem. But if you’re someone that’s potentially 6 3 and above it’s something that you absolutely have to consider.

So what you want to look at of course is back height design. And some materials being used in your backrest can pose a problem, especially with mesh chairs. Or chairs with hard plastic backing or frames around them. They can actually dig into your shoulder blades and over time this can be very uncomfortable.

Considering The Headrest

Additionally, headrests are something that you need to consider when looking at back height. As people really love them.

But they don’t necessarily work for taller users. And we found that unfortunately with a taller user they end up hitting you in the top of the shoulder blades. Instead of in the crutch of your neck. Or potentially in the back of your head the

The Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of your next big and tall office chair is something that you absolutely have to consider. And this is especially true when we look at average office chairs having a weight capacity of somewhere between 250 and 275 pounds.

Now when you get that new chair don’t necessarily look for something that’s right next to your current body weight. I think when we’re looking long-term. And we want something to hold up well as an investment.

You should look at something that’s at least 10% over your current weight for capacity. Just because an office chair has a high weight rating doesn’t necessarily mean that will fit a user that weight properly.

When we look at the Steelcase leap, this is a great example of that with a weight capacity of 400 pounds the actual seat size is just under 20 inches. So unfortunately someone that would be close to the 400-pound rating. Even someone in the 300 to 350 range is unlikely to fit in that chair comfortably.

Ergonomic adjustments

Ergonomic adjustments are something that you absolutely have to consider when buying your next big and tall office chair. The thing that we’ve actually found is many of the low-cost manufacturers of big and tall office sitting.

Really scale back the ergonomic adjustments on their chairs and the reason for this is likely linked to the fact that these lower-cost units won’t hold up as well when there’s a lot of movement in the chair.

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But if you’re trying to find something to fit your body type perfectly and get that Burgh anomaly correct fit it’s absolutely imperative that you get a chair with enough ergonomic adjustments.

Now, what have we found overall on average chairs that are somewhere worth $700 is really where we see chairs kind of start to excel with the offering of their ergonomic adjustments. So it’s something well you may be paying more for it.

Now you would likely sit in it much more comfortably and a lot of times. These chairs hold up better long-term as well.


The final thing that I believe you should consider when buying your next big and tall office chair is the warranty of the chair itself. And a lot of times we’ll find that these are where the cost really comes in.

Many of these chairs as the more expensive chairs. Will oftentimes have a better warranty. Now we’ve actually found chairs that have warranties as little as 30 days.

But our best pick for the 2022  seating product actually has a warranty that’s 15 years. It’s covered 24/7 it has a really solid warranty.

Not all warranties are created the same. And I really highly recommend that you take a closer look at the finer details to ensure that you’re getting a warranty that actually covers it. The components that are important to you.

The time of usage and the weight capacity finding that perfect big and tall fully reclining office chair doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Armed with the top six things that I recommend you consider should help you avoid many of the costing mistakes others have encountered in the past.

Do office chairs come in different sizes?

If you’re looking for an office chair that will fit you perfectly, you might be wondering whether there are different size options available. The answer is yes – office chairs do come in different sizes! Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right size chair for your needs.

If you’re a petite person, you’ll need a smaller chair that will allow you to sit comfortably without taking up too much space. A mid-size chair is a good option for most people, while a larger chair may be necessary if you’re taller or have a larger frame. When it comes to office chairs, size does matter – so make sure to choose a chair that’s the right fit for you!


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