7 Best Plastic & Rubber Office Chair Mat For Any Surfaces

Do you need a rubber office chair mat or plastic mat for the office chair carpet? You have come to the right place. Please read on! In today’s office environment, most people spend more time sitting than standing. It is important to maintain a clean and healthy work environment at your office or home office.

To do this, you need to protect your flooring from damage. Caused by chair casters that roll across the surface of the rug or carpet. Your most expensive ergonomic office chair also can damage your flooring. By its rolling wheels that roll across the surface. To protect against that kind of damage you must need an office chair mat.

Various types of mats are available. As- rubber office chair mat, heavy-duty office chair mat. Custom office chair mat, plastic office chair mat, etc. A rubber office chair mat is a simple type of mat. The price is also low for a rubber mat.

But some rubber chair mats can tackle heavyweight. These types of mats are the best. There are a lot of rubber office chair mats available online. Choosing the right office chair mat is important. But it is not an easy task. In this article, I will show you the top 9 rubber office chair mats. So keep reading.

plastic mat for office chair carpet

List of top 7 office chair mats for carpet and hard floors

  1. Dimex Low Pile Carpet Rubber Office Chair Mat
  2. Amazon Basics Vinyl Office Chair Mat
  3. Mind Reader rubber office chair mat
  4. Mind Reader Floor Protection plastic mat for office chair carpet
  5. Evolve 33″ x 44″ plastic mat for office chair carpet
  6. ES Robbins vinyl office chair mat for carpet
  7. ES Robbins Rectangle Vinyl Office Chair Mat For Hard Floor

These are the top 7 plastic, vinyl, and rubber office chair mats of this year. If you don’t have enough time to read the full article you can check our no. 01 item below:

Top Pick


Amazon Basics Vinyl Chair Mat Protector for Hard Floors

– Durable vinyl chair mat for protecting hard floors
– Smooth glide surface with ample space
– Dimensions: 47 x 35 inches
– Rectangular design with smooth edges and rounded corners

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This carpet is the perfect office chair caster. If you have enough time please go through the full article.

Dimex Low Pile Carpet Rubber Office Chair Mat/ Rubber Desk Chair Mat


Dimex Low Pile Carpet Rubber Office Chair Mat. Designed with a smooth top surface for easy chair movement and a cleated backing to grip carpet up to 1/4 (0. 25) of an inch thick.

36 X 48-inch chair mat with Lip, suitable for small to mid-size work areas such as an apartment, dorm, or home office. Packaged in a cylinder for shipping stability and lays flat once unrolled.

Let’s see the pros & cons of the Dimex Low Pile Carpet Rubber Office Chair Mat:


  • Material Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Smooth top surface
  • Coverage Area- 12 square feet


  • Other colors not available

Top reviews from some users:

Skyler K. told that: “Good buy for the price”

DEH told that: “You apparently get what you pay for, the cheapest version of chair mat”

Paul Lainen told that: “Great roll top surface for the work at homer.”

Amazon Basics Vinyl Office Chair Mat- plastic mat for rolling chair


The Amazon Basics Vinyl Office Chair Mat is a great way to protect your floors. From the damage caused by desk chair wheels or feet. This heavy-duty, transparent mat has ample space for easy chair movement. Best plastic chair mats for carpet.

And can be used at desks or workstations with chairs. With either rolling wheels or stationary feet. The slip and scuff-resistant mat provide excellent protection. While allowing your flooring to show through. Its pet-friendly plastic construction contains no BPA and is available in three sizes. Let’s see the pros & cons of the Amazon Basics Vinyl office chair mat:


  • Best for hard floors
  • Durable vinyl chair mat
  • 3 sizes available


  • Only Rectangular shape available

Top reviews from some users:

Greg Picadash told that: “It comes rolled and folded”

Teresa L. North told that: “Excellent desk floor mat”

calo9x told that: “Straightening the folds”

Mind Reader rubber office chair mat


The Mind Reader Rubber Office Chair Mat is the perfect product for any office. This home office floor mat promotes ergonomic posture by allowing you to roll between tasks. While delivering protection for low-pile carpets up to 1/4-inch thick.

The rubber material on this desk mat provides excellent traction. And will not crack or shatter when used with carpet less than ¼ inch in thickness. The surface of this chair mat is slightly textured. Which provides extra comfort during long hours at your desk. Let’s see the pros & cons of the Mind Reader rubber office chair mat:




  • Too soft for the chair to roll properly

Mind Reader Floor Protection plastic mat for office chair carpet


Want to protect your hardwood floors from scratches and dents? Do you feel like your office chair is too low for a comfortable workspace?

Do you have back pain from inadequate cushioning on your office chair? If so, then this article is for you! The mat helps prevent damage and scratching of hardwood floors by shoes or rolling chairs. Imagine how beautiful they would be if it weren’t for scuffs from shoes or scratches from rolling chairs! Best hard plastic office chair mat.

That’s where Mind Reader Floor Protection mats come in. Made with textured PVC to provide grip on any flooring surface. These mats help you avoid painful falls by keeping your chair secure in place. Let’s see the pros & cons of Mind Reader Floor Protection plastic mat for office chair carpet:





Evolve 33″ x 44″ plastic mat for office chair on carpet


If you are looking for a plastic mat to place under your office chair. Evolve Clear Office Chair Mat is the perfect solution. Evolve’s clear plastic mat for office chairs is designed to protect your carpet. And enhance the design of your home. The Evolve 33″ x 44″ Clear Office Chair Mat with Rounded Corners is perfect for low pile carpets.

Measuring 1/4 (0.25) inches or less. This chair mat fits small office chairs with a 22-inch base in home offices, schools, dorm rooms, or bedrooms. A clear chair mat seamlessly fades into floor design to blend with decor. Let’s see the pros & cons of Evolve plastic mat for office chair carpets:





Top reviews from some users:

L. Norman told that: “Good value, nice and wide, virtually invisible.”

Lycanthrope told that: “Looks and feels very durable”

Avrum O. told that: “as described”

ES Robbins vinyl office chair mat for carpet


With the ES Robbins Carpet Chair Mat, you can protect your low pile carpet and sit on it at the same time. The 36-inch by 48-inch black rectangle chair mat is equipped with an anchor bar cleat system.

That holds securely, yet is gentle on carpet and fingers. This modern addition to your workspace can also be used to protect the carpet from pets. Or planters as well as to provide a clean surface for laptops or paperwork.

This modern addition can also be used to protect the carpet while being gentle on fingers. Let’s see the pros & cons of ES Robbins Vinyl office chair mat for low pile carpet:


  • Modern addition to your workspace.
  • Cadmium and Phthalate free
  • Can also used to protect carpets from pets and planters


  • Price is high

Top reviews from some users:

Lovelee told that: “Good protection and DURABLE”

dwilsonlee told that: “Almost Perfect if not for the Dimples”

N. Wise told that: “great for the price”

ES Robbins Rectangle Vinyl Office Chair Mat  For Hard Floor- Rubber chair mats for hard floors

Best rubber chair mats for hard floors. Many people don’t realize that they can actually damage their floors with a chair mat. This is because most mats will cause the chairs to glide across the floor. And this movement will eventually create scratches on your flooring.


The ES Robbins Rectangle Vinyl office chair mat Hard Floor is perfect for laminate, wood, tile. And other hard flooring surfaces. The unique design of this mat ensures an effortless roll for workstations. And protects against any scratching or denting on the surface. Let’s see the pros & cons of ES Robbins Rectangle Vinyl office chair mat Hard Floor:


  • Best for hard floor
  • Size is large
  • Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified


  • Price is high

How to select an office chair mat?

Office chair mats are specifically designed for both carpeted and hard floors. If you have carpet, select a chair mat that grips on the underside to keep it safely anchored in place. That said, it’s not quite as easy as that.

Did you know that chair mats are designed for different thicknesses of carpet? Office chairs produce a lot of dirt and bacteria which are transferred onto your floor. Through their casters. To prevent this from happening, using an office chair mat is recommended.


I have tried to show you the best plastic and rubber office chair mats of this year. At a glance:

  • Introduction
  • List of top 7 Plastic and rubber office chair mats
  • Buying guide
  • Q & A
  • Conclusion
Are Office Chair Mats Worth It?

Do you ever notice how difficult it is to roll your chair on the carpet? It takes 80% more effort than rolling your chair on a mat. If you’re using the wrong kind of mat, it can cause back pain and leg strain. Chair mats protect flooring from indentations, scuffs, and other marks, and from spills. Office chairs often move around within an office workspace all day long. Which can cause damage to floors if they are not protected by something like a quality office chair.

Are plastic chair mats recyclable?

It is a common sight to see plastic floor mats, which are often used under table chairs at home or at work. They can be made from polypropylene or flexible PVC tiles that can be recycled. However, the more commonly seen type of mat is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and it may not be recyclable.

What can I do with an old chair mat?

Many people are not aware that chair mats can be recycled. If the mat is in good condition, it can be donated to a charity organization. Otherwise, if the mat cannot fit into your blue bin or has become too damaged for donation. You can pick up an old chair mat free of charge through bulky-item pickup.


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